In this body of work Avital Burg addresses her relationship to her family's roots and the history of painting, transforming what can often feels distant and remote into something immediate and personal. Growing up in the Middle East, with her ancestors' European past over a thousand miles away, Burg has immersed herself as a child into the European tales about kings and queens. At the age of reflection, as her involvement with painting matured, the make-believe games of her childhood evolved into a deep interest in European Renaissance and Baroque painting.

Today, in Burg's Brooklyn studio, she constructs imaginative dioramas of interiors, castles, and ferries wheels using cardboard, clay, and tape. She does not attempt to hide the artificial, handmade qualities of these models -- they remain somewhat childish, as if taken from a dysfunctional theater set. The clumsiness of Burg's props expresses the inherent difficulty of replicating, or truly relating to, a past world. And yet, the process of painting provides a way to transcend that difficulty, enabling a living conversation with the past. Reminiscence and mystery imbues Burg’s images, familiar objects transcend into the symbolic and cast a glance back to legends and traditions. The spirit is inherent in Burg’s intellectual construction and the odyssey within oneself permeates her entire body of work.

Together, these works express Burg's longing to live in a portable world, small but with no boundaries, just like painting itself.

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